Chapter 6 Reaction

Laura Vargas

September 30, 2012

Period 1

Chapter 6 Reaction

            In chapter six Dostoevsky tries to show the planning of the murder from Rodia’s perspective. Rodia believes that hearing the men talking about Aliona was more than a coincidence and after hearing their take on murdering her his mind begins to wonder what it would be like. I think the conversation that he overheard and his decision to follow through with the murder bring up an interesting point about the death penalty.

Those men point out how much good could be done with Aliona dead, her being alive is only hurting people. Similar to the controversy surrounding the death penalty, the men realize that although she is as good as dead in their eyes they would not be capable of killing her. Dostoevsky pointing that out shows that he knows murder is not justifiable and no one deserves to be killed no matter what they have done. However, Rodia’s resolution to murder her and his thought that justice will be served shows that he has a different perspective on rectitude.

Rodia’s methodical planning of the murder brings to question why he wants to kill her so badly. How exactly has he been affected that makes him so dead-set on making Aliona pay for what she has done? At no point does Rodia wonder what could happen to him if his plans fail and he gets caught? He has not gotten to the point of valuing his freedom and thinking before he acts because he needs to get rid of that burning desire to be the hero and do what the others are not capable of doing.

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