Chapter 7 Reaction

Laura Vargas

September 30, 2012

Period 1

Chapter 7 Reaction

             In chapter seven one sees a more ruthless personality within Rodia. He had justified his murder by convincing himself that Aliona had caused too much harm and deserved to die, however he selfishly kills Lizaveta as well just to save himself from facing justice for the murder that he committed. However, Rodia admits that what he did was wrong by immediately running away from the scene in a state of panic. Had he thought that what he did was moral he would not have run away. Dostoevsky foreshadows that Rodia will be caught at some point by pointing out that the door was open the whole time.

            I agree with Brittany in stating the irony of Rodia being in the same position as Aliona was just before her death. Dostoevsky could be using this moment for both of them as a symbol of them being about to face something life-changing, such as her being murdered right after and he probably going to jail sometime soon because of those men. I agree with Spencer as well in his thoughts on how Rodia will spend the next few weeks. Like he pointed out, Rodia has shown two personalities so he will probably switch from guilt and paranoia about the murder to thinking that what he did was right and that he should not be punished.


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