Unconditional Love Part I

Lauren Beveridge

Period 1


In Laura’s post entitled “Why is Rodia so Weird?”, she states “In chapter 3 I begin to feel extremely bad for Rodia’s friends and family. Just when they think that he is happy and back to normal he breaks out in frustration again and even faints when Dunya mentions death. I begin to wonder how they must feel. Surely their love is unconditional, but how much longer with they be able to put up with the person who took over their beloved son/brother/friend”. There is one part of this statement that caught my attention and got me to thinking. Does Rodia’s family truly have unconditional love for him? An even better question may be, does anybody have unconditional love for another person? After contemplating these questions I had posed, I realized that there is no instance where I could believe a person’s love is unconditional. Not only are there many examples in my own life and current society, but I thought of several literary examples as well. In many families around me I have seen conditional love between spouses, friends, and family members. Friends of my own have been removed from their household and forced to stay with myself or my friends because their parents could no longer stand their life choices and the way these choices contradicted with the rules of the household. Unconditional love is acceptance and support of the decisions somebody makes regardless of one’s own values or wishes. As much as I would like to believe my parents love me unconditionally, I cannot deny that if I dropped out of school to become a stripper, drug dealer, or drug addict, they would not accept me in the family dynamic any longer.


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